Distinguished whiskers

I fell in love today. He was tall, muscular, impressive yet playful. He had the grandest mustache I’ve ever seen. He might have been a bit too old for me, as he did have more of a grandfatherly air about him when he looked at you. Also, he seemed quite pleased with the little ones admiring him and would have taken them on his…ummm flippers… and told them a fairytale if there wasn’t glass separating us.

Yes. I am talking about a walrus. Went to the aquarium in the 63 building in Seoul today.

I love aquariums. Everything feels mysterious and graceful inside them. And that was even before I met HIM:


Science fiction material if ever I saw one

What was life like before I saw seals use a playground set?

And then, because it's Korea, three hotties appeared in one of the fish tanks wearing tiger ear headbands and started doing gymnastics underwater.

speaking of love. how'd you feel about kissing this one? Caption for this "pixie frog" read: Eats just about any smaller beings.

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