Dear Ice Cream, hang in there.

10:30pm and I’m finally arriving home after a long day at work and then dashing off to my weekly meditation meeting at the Buddhist English Library in 인사동. Get in the elevator and push the 11 button, which glows red as the doors slide shut. Look up at the flat screen which hangs over the unwary rider and see the daily English lesson displayed.

It reads: Don’t be dejected. You can start anew.

I think “I’m not!” as I lean in to take another bite of the chocolate covered ice cream bar I bought from a freezer full of bright wrappers. And then, below the lesson (which has now changed to Chinese in any case) a strange looking man jumps out of an elevator on the screen. He is looking right at my ice cream. Twilight zone? He is also very buff and a horde of cute girls pile out of the silver box after him and start doing exercises. Ahhhhhh. In the corner I see an ad banner that reads “U diet” as the characters in the ad flex their muscles and do a quick hip hop step or two in a ubiquitous apartment hall before the screen has changed to an ad for chicken.

Who needs the Twilight Zone when you live in Asia?

Finally, for your enjoyment: art by Hannah.

Still on topic.

The spitting image of me if I do say so myself.

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