The most important thing is wisdom.

Tonight I ran in the rain on the glittering river paths, accompanied by Andrew Bird and the dripping trees. And a peace and contentment washed over me as I passed each newly flowering tree… My thankfulness for the appearance of spring is beyond words.

He stood breathing, and the more he breathed the land in, the more he was filled up with all the details of the land. He was not empty. There was more than enough to fill him. There would always be more than enough.                                  -Ray Bradbury


“Danse Caribe”

You were a shameless child
Bandied by stiff cross currents
Anything but mild
Yes and no just simply weren’t
Invented yet
Oh yes oh no

Then one day you’d had it
Exiled your close advisors
Ousted your dog-eared rabbits
You’re through with pacifizers
You’re through with pacifizers now

Here we go mistaking clouds for mountains
Here’s the thing that brings the sparrows to the fountains
Here’s the thing that makes you run for the highlands
Here we go mistaking clouds for mountains


Today I was reminded how much I love the kids I teach. They are my joy. As the days tick by for my departure from Korea my excitement builds, but sometimes I feel a twinge when I think of not seeing these kids again. Not hearing Daeun tell me that she thinks the character of the shark and Master Ringleader in Pinocchio should be friends because “they’re both mean”… or when I reminded everyone that the writing practice was not a race and that “the most important thing is writing beautifully” Daeun piped up reminding me that “No! The most important thing is wisdom.”

What are things you can drink? Hannah: “My grandfather gave me 막걸리 (rice/wheat fermented drink -makgeolli). Four years old I ate it.” Tony strolling into class, looking me up and down and saying “My Dad have those pants” before going to put his backpack in his cubby. Daeun asking me: “Do you know about Justin Bieber? He has a funny song.” when Dennis interjected with “Where is the beaver!!??” excitedly… This is the same Dennis who I caught playing Hangman -with himself. I have to give it to him, he was quite fair with both sides.

And getting cards like this:

Like Tinkerbell dust -this cake can make you fly apparently.

Jennifer working in the key sentence in the hopes of extra credit.

Eric is one of the coolest little human beings I've ever met.

I think Tony took this while fighting off ten other kids who wanted to PUSH THE BUTTON! TEACHER I CAN DO IT!

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3 Responses to The most important thing is wisdom.

  1. Melissa says:

    Somebody has an Andrew Bird crush…

  2. redjim99 says:

    Wisdom, and children to tell you what is important as well, very nice.


  3. Melissa: yup. Can’t stop listening to him and Amanda Palmer. Can’t stop! ^^
    redjim99: Thanks! I like your poems and pictures.

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