This is Daeun. She came to my school about a month ago and I wasn’t sure how we were going to get on as she reminded me of someone: Me. I smelled payback time and was afraid.

"I'm going to sing you a love song now."

Since then I have grown to love this firecracker and expect her pithy comments. I can’t write down the anecdotes fast enough actually. ^^

Today was a stellar day because we went on a field trip to the site of an important fort in the 16th century. We skipped, pointed out possible snake holes, wore flowers behind our ears, sang songs at an obnoxious decibel level, pretended to be decrepit fairy godmothers with stick canes etc. Just as we were getting ready to go watch a short video about the history of the place, Daeun and Eric started pretending to eat the wall. Yup. When I asked them how it tasted Daeun replied, “like kimchi.” O_o? I must have shown my confusion because Daeun waited a second and then said “Capiche?” HA HA HA. “WHATT?” I said. “Where did you learn that word Daeun?” She smiled at me and said “My brother said to me ‘capiche’ so I said ‘caposh.’ ”

While I was still trying to wrap my brain around that one, we filed into the room and watched a video about the Koreans fighting the Japanese with canons and automatic arrow shooting weapons… I was a bit worried about the kids with the violence depicted when Daeun turns around and asks me: “Why are they fighting?” Not sure how to formulate an answer to that question regarding most wars, I certainly didn’t know how to break it down into one sentence for a 6 year old. “That’s a good question” I replied. Daeun thinks. “Maybe they stole something.” (…) “Like Captain Hook.” And then she turns around to continue watching with a look on her face that revealed more things were brewing in that marvelous brain of hers: just waiting to jump out at unexpected moments.

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