It is chilling how widespread and international these violations of women’s and children’s rights are…

National Post | News

The 4,500-square-foot vault is a temperature-controlled former television studio, maintained at a precise 18 C with a relative humidity of 30%. The shelved boxes — all 23,000 of them — are made of acid-free cardboard and contain information that dates at least as early as 1792.

These glassed-in premises on the main floor of a Toronto office tower are ground zero for what is believed to be Canada’s first major probe into allegations that women were coerced or forced into surrendering their children for adoption decades ago because they were not married.

Four archivists and one researcher, the latter hired especially to help with the massive undertaking, will spend the next several months systematically parsing the archives at the United Church of Canada — one of three churches that has announced an internal review of its maternity homes since the National Post last month launched an investigation into coerced adoptions…

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