Concepts and Current Issues


The title of this post is the title of the Human Biology course I began in January. It seemed appropriate as it represents a current revision that I am undergoing, as well as revisions I am planning on making to this blog. This blog was originally about the major revisions of thought and belief that I underwent in my early twenties. However, such personal existential crises are easier for me to frame when I am living abroad -as I have done on and off for the past ten years. Since living in France, South Korea, the Netherlands and South Korea again, I have moved to Chicago and am settled here for now. More settled in spirit and body than I have been in a long time. In this great city I am pursuing Science in order to enter the field of health care and garner more empirical knowledge about the world, as well as get a “real” job (with benefits! gasp!) and build a career around one of my passions: women’s mental and physical health.

With this change in physical and head space, I have struggled to find the words and frame the stories in a way that seemed worthwhile to share. Therefore, if I cannot be in the world as I once was, I intend to bring the world to me the best I can. I plan on doing this with portraits of strong women who have also undergone striking revisions in their lives. Women who are truth tellers and justice seekers: those that are fighting to revise prejudices and accepted, though not necessarily accurate, histories.

These women are filled with visions: willing to learn, grow and change and asking others to consider changing themselves. For empowerment, love, and justice.

Tomorrow I begin a week of only eating vegan food and a meditation on what and who nourish my soul. Forward with the scientific method: observation and experimentation! >>>>>>>>>>>

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